Pequenya started out as customized crystal jewelry, making healing with crystals easy and accessible. I wanted to make crystals common, and in doing so, inform others about the many gifts that crystals provide. My passion for alternative medicine, prompted me to get a Certification in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and led me to get my 200 HR Yoga Certification. Pequenya has evolved into a holistic healing experience, offering Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Where Mind Body and Soul come together.

Mind Body Soul Yoga Workshop

1-2:30pm on Sat January 26, 2019 @North Valley Aikikai

Mind Body Soul Yoga 

This style of Yoga targets the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Adding Reiki and Crystals to the already healing elements of the Yoga practice to create a holistic healing experience. 

Crystals and Reiki are used to harmonize and activate the Chakras/energy system. When there are blocks in the Chakra system, disease and illness can build in the body. When the energy is moved using Yoga, Crystals, or Reiki we are able to breakdown blockages and create a healthy flowing system. 

Come explore the different ways to move your energy in this unique class dedicated to self-care and awareness. 

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*All proceeds go to Aria Lavi’s go fund me account.



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