A Mobile Holistic Healing Experience

About Me

When I was 16 years old, I was born again after surviving a coma and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Being so naive about this incident I never received proper physical for what my body underwent. After years of neglect and denial I have been actively healing my body.

I began practicing yoga with the physical poses but then realized that I was injuring myself by overdoing. After becoming a teacher I learned what I truly needed, what my body was trying to communicate with me. I now use yoga as a restorative medium to heal not only myself, but most importantly teach my students. I want to shine light on how important it is to slow down in this fast pace world we live in. Yoga has helped me manage my PTSD,  taught me to slow down, and really listen to my body. Yoga allows me to honor my growth in every circumstance and I can only hope to extend this to the students I teach.

As a Yoga teacher with a history of injuries, I focus on alignment and taking a more mindful approach. My classes are infused with aspects of Hatha, restorative, Yin and Iyengar Yoga. Cultivating strength, flexibility, stability, awareness and emphasizing the importance of breath. 


About Services


Yoga/Asana Practice

Yoga is a form of meditation, it is a moving meditation where through movement one can connect to the breath and quiet the mind. There are many different poses in the yoga practice with many different formations, which ask the body to contort in quite odd ways. Through practicing these crazy poses we bring the mind to focus on the body and for the time being seize thought from the to do list. This practice also implements different mindfulness techniques, mantras, breath work, meditation, and the list goes on.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is a universal energy medicine that promotes healing, stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki was discovered in the 1920’s by Usui Sensei. It has its own wisdom and works through the intention of healing. It does not need the direction of the practitioner, in other words, it guides the practitioner on where to go. By laying hands on the intended area and allowing for guidance is all Reiki needs. The practitioner is nothing more than a vessel to ignite this healing energy. Reiki brings in healing light to the individual and does what it needs to activate the Chakras. The body receiving the Reiki immediately knows what to do to heal itself, Reiki is the kick starter for this to occur.


Crystal Healing

Crystals are powerful, transformational tools, capable of even turning sound into light.  While we may consider crystals to be both inert and lifeless, the reality is they constitute and comprise the very essence of our physical and even energetic composition.  Our bodies, like crystals, are composed of silicone and water, and that is why we can so intensely feel the vibration of a crystal bowl resonating within us.  If we believe that crystals are as much a part of the web of connection as we are, then we can readily recognize that crystals have the ability to act as intermediaries, enabling us to communicate and connect with higher levels of consciousness and existence. -Johnathan Goldman