Reiki + Crystals + Yoga

About Me

When I was 16 years old, I was born again after surviving a coma and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Being so naive about this incident I never received proper physical for what my body underwent. After years of neglect and denial I have been actively healing my body.

I began practicing yoga with the physical poses but then realized that I was injuring myself by overdoing. After becoming a teacher I learned what I truly needed, what my body was trying to communicate with me. I now use yoga as a restorative medium to heal not only myself, but most importantly teach my students. I want to shine light on how important it is to slow down in this fast pace world we live in. Yoga has helped me manage my PTSD,  taught me to slow down, and really listen to my body. Yoga allows me to honor my growth in every circumstance and I can only hope to extend this to the students I teach.

As a Yoga teacher with a history of injuries, I focus on alignment and taking a more mindful approach. My classes are infused with aspects of Hatha, restorative, Yin and Iyengar Yoga. Cultivating strength, flexibility, stability, awareness and emphasizing the importance of breath. 



Judy K.

I love Tania's yoga classes. She often teaches off the mat, so participants are encouraged to follow her words and feel the differences in using body alignment, using the core, increasing balance, and using breath to improve the yoga experience.

Tina N.

Tania is truly a force. She makes you feel so comfortable and has a drive and passion for healing that you could feel as soon as you are in her presence. She listens carefully to your needs and always provides genuine feedback. If you haven't tried Reiki or yoga before I highly suggested doing so with her! Can't wait to get some more sessions in. Truly powerful work, thank you so much Tania!


Tania is a true lightwkrker! I recommend her to anyone who wants a top notch yoga class with her experience and reiki infused style yum can't go wrong!!

Russ j.

I had the opportunity to attend a Crystal and Reiki infused yoga class from Tania on Saturday and it was amazing! So relaxing and the Reiki kept flowing throughout the day! Tania is so patient and wonderfully explains each pose with options and healing properties. I highly recommend Pequenya to anyone interested in connecting with themselves on a deeper level. Thank you Tania, I will definitely be back for more!

wendi w.

I am tickled silly, I've arranged private sessions with Tania! Several months ago I attended a class that Tania led for several weeks, and I looked forward to her classes because I got so much value from attending.

When they ended, I couldn't find the same quality and completeness with other teachers, so started missing practice altogether from lack of enthusiasm and excitement.

Private sessions are terrific because they add an element of personalization that cannot be achieved in a classroom setting.

#gratitude to Tania for her dedication and passion to share her yoga practice.


I never had a Reiki session before trying it with Tania. I wasn't sure what to expect, and kept and open mind to see what I would experience personally. I wanted to see what I might feel, or not feel with this type of energy work.

Well I definitely felt things going on in my body that convinced me there is something to Reiki that I need to explore further. I also felt like she must have some special talents.

I have been doing yoga, meditation, and breath work for a few years I know a little about what "energy" feels like in my body, and how my body affects my entire being. But Tania proved to me how she can channel energy and heal with her touch. She is gifted and drawn to serve those in need. I think healing is her calling, a labor of love, and a single minded focus. Afterwards she told me things she sensed about me that further confirmed her intuitive ability. I recommend her services, thats all I can say.